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Zoom Broadband provides one great unlimited data package with no speed restrictions and no contracts.

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“This is the real deal. I had no idea that we could get this kind of download speeds way out here.”

“We have Zoom Broadband’s new LTE service and get download speeds up to 38 Mbps”

“Finally. Someone brought a reliable, fast Internet service out to Gods country.”

Kimberly – Mineola, TX

Michael – Marshall, TX 

Briana – Linden, TX 

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*Prices exclude applicable taxes, fees, and all one-time charges. Promotional offer is valid for new customers in serviceable areas only. Offer is non-transferable. Equipment charged separately. Rates are subject to change. Some restrictions apply. Speed varies depending on the location of towers and the capabilities of client devices. De-prioritization may be utilized in order to ensure optimal internet experience for all customers.

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(903) 927-1033(903) 927-1033



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