Zoom Broadband PRIORITY Pass Technical Support Service

PRIORITY Pass was created especially for Home Office users. Customers who run a business from their homes can subscribe to Zoom Broadband PRIOIRITY Pass and receive the same technical support and attention as our Zoom4Work business customers.

  • First priority technical support response
  • Available to home customers for only $19.99/month
  • Must subscribe to Zoom Broadband Mach5 or Turbo service levels
  • PRIORITY Pass service included in the Zoom Broadband Extreme Package


Zoom Broadband PRIOIRITY Pass is available for Zoom Broadband residential customers only. Customers must subscribe to the Mach5, Turbo or Extreme service levels to receive PRORITY Pass. $59.97 (3 months) due at program initiation.

PRIORITY Pass is a separate technical support product and does not change our published customer agreement and policies associated to your Internet access service. Phone support and service calls for issues that are determined by Zoom Broadband technicians to be unrelated to Zoom Broadband equipment failure or service outages will be billed accordingly.

Zoom Broadband does not assume responsibility for connection problems or failure due to the following reasons: PC hardware failure, the lack of personal understanding or knowledge of the proper operation of a PC or related equipment, tampering with settings or equipment that results in the loss or inability to connect to the internet, PC errors caused by viruses, worms, Trojans, or other malicious software or programs. Zoom Broadband does not support 3rd party systems that operate on your service connection such as VIOP or entertainment consoles.